Who are we? We stalk the rivers of the mountain west. Sometimes we write about what we see, and sometimes we take pictures.

Jeff Stutsman Fishing Writer

Jeffrey Stutsman

Jeff is a writer, photographer, and editor who lives near the Rocky Mountains. When he was a child, only books, fish, and a couple of old cameras kept him out of trouble. Today, he spends as much time as possible outside, preferably near a stream with a rod in his hand. His stories have appeared in The Drake, Cicada, and the Boulder Weekly.

Sam Lawson Fishing Writer

Sam Larson

Sam is constantly in search of a decent fishing hat and a clear backcast. He likes trout in all forms, rivers when they’re cold and clear, and a free dinner. His favorite conversational tactic is to ramble ceaselessly about fly fishing, book recommendations, ‘80s punk rock, sandwiches, and his cat.

He fishes, lives, and writes in Colorado’s Front Range. In addition to Blue Lines, his non-fiction written work has appeared in Tenkara Magazine, Tenkara Angler and The Autonomist Outdoors. His fiction has appeared on 365 Tomorrows, Every Day Fiction, and in the Boulder Weekly.