Pheasant Tail X-Caddis (3-Pack)


Pheasant Tail X-Caddis (3-Pack)


The Pheasant Tail X-Caddis is one of our preferred "start here" patterns for summer and fall. Along with the Deer Hair Emerger this pattern sees a lot of use whenever we want to fish a dry but aren't one hundred percent sure what hatches have been coming off. The poly-yarn shuck and deer hair wing keep this caddis imitation floating high all day.

Tied on a barbless dry fly hook.

Sold as a 3-pack.

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Hook: Saber Barbless Dry Fly Hook
Tail: Floating Poly-yarn
Body: Pheasant Tail
Rib: UTC Copper Wire
Thorax: Hareline Rabbit Dubbin
Wing: Coastal Deer Hair